“Inside the Labyrinth: A Bo Landry Thriller,” is a story of good and evil, as well as a suspenseful mystery.  In writing about this good vs. evil battle, I believed it important to delve beyond the results, the wake left by a sexual homicidal maniac. If knowledge truly is power, how can we expect to prevail over an enemy we don’t understand? So, some questions that should be posed are: What do such predators look like? From whence do they come? What makes them tick? What characteristics do they exhibit when not engaged in their crimes? How do they view the world in which we unfortunately coexist with them?

For me, the only way to provide answers to these questions was to enter the darkness of such minds. I went about this endeavor in two ways. I did so vicariously through the collective non-fiction works of John Douglas, the former FBI profiler (“Mindhunter,” “Journey Into Darkness,” “Obsession,” & “Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives”). I made a list of the characteristics of all the killers discussed in the books, and compared them, highlighting the ones they all shared. These common characteristics comprised a second list, and I made sure that each one was injected into the story. I also drew upon my professional experience, as a defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge. I spent decades seeing and listening (in private as well as in a public setting) to killers, rapists, and every other kind of criminal tell me what they did and how they went about it.

All of this helped in my writing, but there is a price to be paid. John Douglas was right in noting that the journey into the mind of a killer is on a two-way road, as you can never fully erase what you see and hear from your own mind. So, for readers who enjoy realistic crime thrillers, stay tuned in. The field is fertile in my mind. More are on the way.